Curious Pair: Humpback Whale and Dolphin Delight Passengers

Passengers enjoyed the CALMEST day of the season out there this morning!

Picturesque blue skies and serene seas meant an idyllic day out on the water for everyone to enjoy. The weather was so outstanding that, as cruised along the stunning Nerang Waterways under the warm sun, one lovely passenger commented: "It's so beautiful out here it wouldn't even matter if we didn't see whales!"
Of course, we did see whales- whales galore in fact! Nothing can beat out 100% daily sightings record! Before we had even arrived at legal viewing of the whales, two gorgeous Humpbacks popped up beside us as we passed by- giving our delighted passengers a taste of what was to come.

Once out on the ocean, we had a couple of rather usual encounters today with our gentle giant friends. A very large, rather shy Humpback teased passengers by circling near the boat, arching his large, scarred back out of the ocean for all to see. The curious fellow continued to swim around in lazy 15-20 metre circles, which our Skipper, Steve, commented was very unusual behaviour. Perhaps he wasn't shy and simply enjoying the dazzlingly beautiful day and our company from a distance!
Whatever he was doing, he certainly was happy to stay put and nearby.

Our curiosity only increased when we noticed our mysterious Humpback was joined by what seemed to be a good friend of his- a little dolphin. Humpbacks are not usually great chums with dolphins, they seem to tolerate them more than anything. This may be due to the fact that cheeky dolphins are often sighted 'bow riding' the whale. This is where the dolphins essentially 'bum a ride' from the whale on their slip stream.
However, today the curious duo seemed quite happy in each others company, luxuriating in the sunshine and lapping up the attention of their avid admirers.

As we headed back in a friendly Humpback from another pod gave us a nice tail slap goodbye! We loved it!

Our passengers for our famous Sunset tour are boarding our luxury catamaran, Mahi Mahi, right this second! WE are hoping to the curious pair again along with lots more whales and dolphins. See you then!

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