Curious Humpbacks enjoy giving Passengers a Surprise!

The early cloud burnt away to reveal stunning blue skies over the Gold Coast this morning. Conditions were absolutely calm, flat and perfect- with visibility being 'off the charts.' That means crystal clear waters in which to view the beautiful Humpbacks. Ideal for the kind of whale watching experience we had today!

"Hold on to your wallets because it's mugging central out there," quipped our cheeky skipper, Gary, on return from yet another fantastic Morning Cruise.
If you are picturing a crazed pod of Humpbacks in balaclavas leaping aboard to steal our passengers precious jewels- fear not, that isn't exactly what happened. Mugging in whale terms, is when a whale swims up to the boat and stays with it for some time. Curiosity draws the whale over- they check us out from every angle- often swimming around and under the boat, while also performing their magic moves – breaching, tail slapping, pec-slapping, peduncle throwing, round-out diving and spy-hopping.

Nevertheless, those cheeky whales kept us on our toes before mugging us! After sighting very promising whale blows in the distance we moved steadily in their direction. However, upon arrival those GIANT HUMPBACKS seemed to have completely disappeared. With our engines off, under the gorgeous morning sky- it was peaceful, deadly quiet and rather mysterious...until seemingly out of nowhere AN ENORMOUS HUMPBACK popped up right beside the boat! Let the mugging games begin! We spent a truly thrilling thirty minutes with this cheeky creature as he astounded passengers with his aqua acrobatics.

Towards the end of the cruise we were treated to a fantastic farewell from two humpbacks breaching in the distance. Perhaps a warm-up for this afternoon's Sunset Cruise? We heard last nights Sunset Cruise was also full of muggings and spyhops. What a fantastic whale season!

See you out there soon!

Photo Credit: World Wildlife Fund.