CULL the cull

The very controversial shark-culling program was introduced to Western Australian beaches earlier this year and has caused much distress not only for marine life but also for many Australians.

Many protests have occurred over the past few months due to this horrible catch and kill three-month trial, which has killed many endangered species. The policy allows for great white, tiger and bull sharks larger than 3 meters to be killed, while smaller sharks are to be released.


According the Sea Shepherd Australia “Over 100 tiger sharks have been caught on the state’s drum lines since they were deployed on the 25th January this year. Recent figures released by the WA Department of Fisheries report that over 70% of the sharks caught on the drum lines are undersized which would see them being considered as a “totally protected fish” under the Fisheries Resources Management Act.”

Sea Shepherd will not rest until the Australian Government use the worlds best practices that help minimise the threat of shark incidents, instead of worlds worst practices that not only kill our precious marine life that we all rely on, but also make our beaches less safe.

If you are against this vicious ATTACK on our marine life by the Australian Government CLICK HERE