A Cruise into Paradise

blogOccasionally nature steps in to shake us up a little - or slow us down. This morning's early cruise certainly was a cruise into paradise... and we felt that calm strength of nature take over.

We were bobbing atop the calm Gold Coast waters, just breeze and sunshine and silence.  A perfect hinterland stretched across the horizon... then there were the whales!

A cheeky little adolescent was our first friend of the day. And yes, I really did feel that he considered us a friend. For half an hour, this 'little' guy (all seven to eight metres of him) circled the boat - watching us with curiosity and showing off his acrobatic skills. He breached, he slapped his tail and rolled onto his back revealing his white belly - he really put on a show!

Eventually this friendly little guy departed with an almighty dive, southbound back to Antarctica.

During this time of the season, we experience a crossover of northbound and southbound humpbacks. The later whales are still headed north for the breeding season, while the earlier departees are on their way back to Antarctica - ambitious little guys!

Our vessel - the Mahi Mahi - has been purpose built with whale-friendly features including a water-level viewing deck, giving you the CLOSEST whale watching experience possible!

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