Courting Cuties!

Kia Ora! 

     Yet another successful day of whale watching here at Whales in Paradise.  Conditions were calm and the blue skies were dazzling, making it an ideal cruise out on the ocean.  This morning, once again, we sighted several whales and only had to go four miles off the coast for this amazing experience! Breaching was the flavour of the day, will each whale giving us a spectacular show.  

     We were most taken with a handsome young Humpback couple. The male and female were obviously courting and quite taken with each other.  Did you know the four-chambered heart of the average Humpback weighs about 195 kg (430 pounds)! That's alot of loving! 

   ;  The whales continued to show off to each other (and to us, no doubt) with no fewer than ten breaches!  Our passengers looked on, awestruck by their fantastic display.  We were sorry to see them go as they headed on to their breeding ground further up north. Their flirting and courting will carry on all the way up to Harvey Bay. 

   Looking forward to another superb day out on the water tomorrow. See you then!