Close encounter – Whale Watching

The whales were out and about on the coast today!  We Experienced a very close encounter with a 12 metre humpback whale. It came as close as 2 metre's from one of our low decks. So, it was amazing to see the Humpback just an arm's length away.  The Whale sure wasn't afraid to come up close to our boat! For one of our lucky couple's on board they got a very nice close up photo infront of the whale.

Our boat can approach the Whales at a distance of 100 metre though the whales are allowed to come as close as they like to us. Thankfully the Humpbacks are one of the friendliest mammals and whales in our oceans. They always seem to approach us in a nice calm manner. You would never expect such a extremely large, enormously intimidating mammal would be as friendly and gentle as it is.

It's just another one of those amazing fascinations about this incredible mammal.

Also today we saw a massive group of common dolphins, one of the biggest group of dolphins our skipper Gary has seen for a long time! What a great day!

Whale Watching

Whale Watching


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