Busy Times At Whales In Paradise!

Sorry to our dedicated Blog followers, we have been so busy here in the office that we haven't been able to get our daily updates loaded for you!

So here is a brief overview of the last few days:

Sunday, Monday & Tuesday were gorgeous days out on the water! The sun was shining, the water was calm and the passengers had a great time.

Sunday there were lots of whales about they weren't too active but got up nice and close to the boat.

Monday and Tuesday the Whales were a little elusive and we had to travel a distance to find them, but once we got to the pods it made the hard search worth while. 

Wednesday was an AWESOME day!! Everything was on display for us.....

Even tho the weather was not the best the activity on the water was AMAZING....we had a Hammerhead shark swim up to and have a look around the boat, both passengers and crew were amazed at this sight! There were numerous flying fish around putting on a display for us and a cheecky couple of sea turtles whom popped up beside the boat to check us out! The whales were also plentiful with some putting on a great display...there was breaching, head lunging and we were also mugged!

Goes to show just because we love to get out in the sunny weather doesn't mean its the best conditions for whale watching....

Whales being wild animals we unfortunately have absolutly no control of what they do or when they choose to do it, that is part and parcel of the experience of Whale Watching, and why it can be so addictive...the suspense of not knowing what you are in for!!