Breaching Galore from Humpbacks on the Gold Coast this Morning!

Good Morning!

Well, we think it must have been some kind of Humpback Breaching Festival celebrated out there today- those gorgeous Humpbacks were BREACHING BREACHING BREACHING for us non-stop! They certainly seemed to be having a whale of time out there (sorry...couldn't resist that one) enjoying the choppy conditions.

Our passengers were also treated to some stunning Tail Slaps- all polished off with a fantastic Pectoral Slap (that's the Humpback version of a friendly wave). Humpbacks have every right to show off their impressive Pectoral Slaps- as their flipper can grow as long as 17 feet and measures one third of the whale's body. We think they deserve a Gold (Coast) Star as that is longer than the flippers of any other whale! So distinctive are these elegantly long flippers that the Humpback's scientific name is Megaptera meaning "long winged."

So now we have the scientific name sorted- what about their common name of Humpback? When preparing for a deep dive, Humpbacks will arch - forming a 'hump' with their back and then raise their tail flukes above the water. It is this pronounced arching of the back that has earned the humpback whale its common name.

Passengers for our Sunset Cruise as boarding our luxury Catamaran, Mahi Mahi, right now! We can't wait to hear their whale tales upon their return. Did you know Mahi Mahi was custom built for Whale Watching? Our water level viewing deck means you get up-close and personal to these incredible gentle giants of the ocean

See you out there soon!

Photo Credit: Sahlan Hayes