Bottlenose dolphins

Imagine waking up one morning to find yourself unable to leave your bedroom. Imagine yourself looking out the window and no matter how hard you try, how loud you scream, you can’t get out. Sounds like a bad dream, doesn’t it?


Wild animals held in captivity live this bad dream everyday. Bottlenose dolphins in the wild live in pods of usually 10 – 30 however some pods can be as large as 1000 plus dolphins. The diet of a bottlenose dolphin is primarily fish; the pod works together to harvest schools of fish and use clicking sounds, whistles and squeaks to communicate and determine the location of nearby objects.


In captivity, dolphins are forced to swim in endless circles in artificial habitats, interact with unfamiliar dolphins, eat dead fish and perform behaviors that are unnatural.


In captivity, dolphins spend most of their time at the surface often having to beach themselves as part of a show; whereas in the wild they would spend most of their time below the surface playing, hunting and exploring.

What would you rather… seeing dolphins in captivity or in the wild…?