Tis The Season For Baby Whale Calves on the Gold Coast!

Tis The Season For Baby Whale Calves on the Gold Coast! One of the greatest joys we get to experience as whale watchers is seeing proud humpback mothers teaching their newborn calves the ways of the sea, as they begin to make the journey home from the warmer waters of the north. Watching a little humpback calf tail slap, ‘mug’ the Mahi Mahi and breach for the first time (often under the watchful eyes of mother dearest) is quite a magical experience, that tends to become more frequent from the beginning of

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The First Calf Sighting For Our Gold Coast Whale Watching Season – Say Hello to ‘Hsiao Buddha’

It’s always a joy when the mother whales return with their newborn babies, and on our morning whale watch last Wednesday (15th of July) our passengers and crew were in for an absolute treat.

A beautiful one-week-old calf was spotted by our crew relishing its new life in the water, and already seemed to have its tail slapping down pat. It playfully cruised alongside the Mahi Mahi, whilst mum and dad swam alongside. Occasionally, the newborn broke away from its parents and explored the ocean solo, but the older humpbacks were

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Migaloo Is Coming!

Migaloo is coming! He’s the Gold Coast’s most famous whale – and he’s apparently heading for our Gold Coast shores! Migaloo the White Whale has reportedly been spotted cruising past Port Macquarie – meaning it’ll only be a matter of days before he hits the Gold Coast waters.

If you’d like the chance to spot Migaloo on a whale watching trip as he makes his way past the Gold Coast, book online here or give our reception staff a call. Getting to see the white whale is an experience you’ll never forget. Now everyone knows

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The First Week of Gold Coast Whale Watching on the Mahi Mahi

We’re over a week into our Gold Coast whale watching season and the conditions could not be more perfect. This winter has thus far blessed us with beautiful sunny weather (the perks of a Gold Coast ‘winter’) – mostly calm seas and light breezes have made for ideal sailing conditions.

As the season kicks off, sometimes the whales can have a bit of a sleepy start – which is where we employ the services of our ‘in air’ spotters. These spotters will radio to the Mahi Mahi as they spot the

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Our 2015 Whale Season Launches With a Splash

Whale season at Whales in Paradise has kicked off in spectacular fashion! At 7:30am, our first tour of keen whale watching customers (and very excited crew) in 2015 set sail in search of the beautiful humpbacks the Gold Coast is famous for.

After a relaxing cruise through the canals, the Mahi Mahi headed out to the ocean where conditions were idyllic. A light north breeze and calm waters set the scene for spotting, with the crew eagerly on the lookout for whales in each corner of the boat.

The search continued for

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the END is near…

What a phenomenal season we have had this year! We have been blown away with the number of whale pods that have migrated through the Gold Coast on their way to Antarctica.

Towards the end of the season we were lucky enough to see many mother Humpbacks with their calves and to see the mothers teaching their babies how to breach… This has been a fascinating calf development to watch. 

On the Gold Coast we are very fortunate to have a longer whale watching season

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Daily Sightings Report

Did you know that many whales are in fact toothless?
They use a plate of comb-like fibre called baleen to filter small crustaceans and other creatures from the water.

The arched lower lip of a whale can often make it look like it is smiling however, this isn’t a “real” smile as the blubber in the head of the whale prevents the muscles of the face from reaching the surface.


We’d like to thank Jane Ong for this fantastic photo of a humpback whale from our 11am cruise.

You can see right up close

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Daily Sightings Report

Don’t let this heat get to you.. It is beautiful offshore today!

Become a fan of our facebook page Whales In Paradise to see more great photos like the photo below!

We’d like to thank Tommy Lundmark for this beautiful photo of a young calf who was very happy go lucky in the beautiful sunshine on our 7:30am cruise.

Daily Sightings Report

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Daily Sighting Report

With the sound of the Gold Coast 600 & V8 Supercars ripping through the streets and the smell of rubber burning in the air; it’s hard not to be revved up to see the whales on their way through..

As the season comes to an end, we have lots of people RACING to see the whales before they all leave the warmer waters of the Gold Coast.

To make a booking, CLICK HERE or call our office on (07) 5538 2111.

daily sightings report

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Daily Sightings Report

Our whale watching cruises have still been having awesome intimate encounters with the whales as they make their way back home with calves in tow.

The calves have usually been the most active, however we have seen Mum breach in unison a few times as if playing with her young.

We also had a pod of three whales yesterday who were so curious by our presence that they couldn’t seem to get close enough.  They love to come up close to us and check out what all the fuss is about. We encourage our

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