Best Places for Whale Watching

Did you know on the spectacular East Coast of Australia there are many opportunities to see Whales during the season, which runs from May to November? Each year some of the most popular destinations to see Whales include Sydney, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Brisbane Sunshine Coast and Hervey Bay.

The Whales migrate up the Eastern Seaboard of Australia each year to mate and play in the warm waters off the Great Barrier Reef. Many Whales spectators can see the breaching Whales and the Whale blows directly off the coast line while walking

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Whales in Paradise reduces Plastic to help save the Planet & Oceans

2018 has been a pivotal year for the conservation conversation, especially on saving our Oceans and Sea Life.  As Gold Coast’s original Whale Watching company, protecting and bringing awareness on the amazing migrating Whale population just off our Australian Coast, has been our passion.  We work alongside environmental groups to ensure the Whales are kept safe, our onboard Whale champions from Humpbacks and High Rises regularly observe the Whales feeling super comfortable around our boat even with their babies.  

Whales were in crisis up until the 1960’s with commercial whaling

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Family Friendly Gold Coast Holidays



Fathers Day take him Whale Watching on the Gold Coast

Got any plans for your Dad this Father’s Day, which is just around the corner Sunday 2nd of September?  Bunnings voucher? More socks and jocks? Why not treat him and the family to an unforgettable trip to see the Whales, as they head to the warm waters of Central Queensland.  We are the experts in Whale Watching Gold Coast, and guarantee that you will see Whales (or a return trip) and we guarantee that your Dad will have the best time onboard spending quality time with the family! We also

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Humpbacks and Highrises Update – another whale season done and dusted

This is it.. The last report from the whale surveys on board Whales in Paradise for 2017. Another fantastic whale season ends with plenty of new data recorded helping us to better understand our marine mammals in the Gold Coast bay. This season ends our 7th year of continuous monitoring of whales in the Gold Coast bay.

Click on the link to see the estimated location of Humpback whale pods surveyed under the HHR monitoring program for the 2017 whale season.

Researchers collected the temperature logger that captured sea surface temperature changes

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Humpbacks and Highrises Update – Mums and bubs overtaking the Gold Coast bay

Humpbacks and High-Rises had the pleasure to observe and survey 15 pods accounting for 44 whales with Whales in Paradise over the past three weeks.

We are now coming towards the end of the whale season with hundreds of whales still migrating south. It is an amazing time of the season, with many mother-calf pairs coming close to shore.

Wow wow wow!! 🐋 so many baby calves around at the moment! This little one was super friendly and came in to say hi

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Migaloo - Whales in Paradise



Humpbacks and Highrises update – Migaloo returns!

Over the past two weeks we have seen the peak of the southern whale migration, with volunteers surveying over 31 individuals over 6 trips out with Whales in Paradise, the highest number of surveyed whales so far.

Volunteers on board counted a total of 656 blows and many surface behaviour like pectoral slaps. A heat run was observed, with 5 Humpback whales likely following a female, and two pods had calves present.

Our skipper, Aaron Miller sure knows how to take a great whelfie!

On the 14th  of September we had one

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September School Holidays – Things to do on the Gold Coast

Once again, school kids from primary to high school are set free for two weeks at the end of this week..

And if you’re struggling to find something to do, then why not get out on the water for an incredible day of whale watching!

Come and have a Whaley good time with us over the weekend 🐳 Book your tour today! #0755382111

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Humpbacks and Highrises Update – there she blows!

Whale, whale, whale.. What a month August has been!

A beautiful Humpback Whale can be seen just below the surface next to our vessel, Kaiala, on a tour with Whales in Paradise. Source: Jess McCann


Take a deep breath because there has been a lot going on with our whales on the Gold Coast. HHR counted a total of 484 blows for 7 different pods, with a total of 26 whales in the past two weeks, including a large amount of other surface behaviours.

Two Humpback Whales break the surface for air

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Humpbacks and Highrises – a busy few weeks in the whale world

A lot has happened in the world of whales in the last few weeks, leaving Olaf from Humpbacks and High-Rises with lots to talk about but not enough time!

We recently caught up with him to discuss what he and the team of volunteers have been up to recently.

Let’s take it back to Migaloo.. The big white whale and iconic whale ambassador that passed the Gold Coast on the 11th of July 2017.

MIGALOO!! This is one whale I can definitively

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Humpbacks and Highrises Weekly Update – No easy task

Last week was a big week for HHR volunteers onboard Whales in Paradise, surveying a total of 15 whales.

Recording the behaviours of whales is no easy task. To give you an idea, a pod of two resting whales was observed for some time and a total of 235 blows were counted in that time! It’s always amazing to see the whales, but from the moment they are observed, volunteers work relentlessly to record every single observation and behaviour.

Another Humpback calf was recorded on the 5th of July which is

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