WOW....a BIG call from our skipper!
Steve came into the office after the mornings cruise, grinning like a cheshire cat and announced "THAT WAS THE BEST CRUISE OF THE SEASON!! We had it all. What an amazing morning!" Now after 4 years of skippering our Whale boat here on the Gold Coast he has had some amazing sights so for him to say that means it must have been absolutely amazing and definitely a once in a lifetime experience for us social Whale Watchers.

There were 4 pods out and about with impressive displays of activities form each. We experienced it all....Breaching, tail slaps, pectoral slaps and waves, spy hopping and mugging, as well as them swimming around and underneath the boat!

Also an incredibly playful and acrobatic pod of dolphins marvelled our passengers with aerial displays. They were jumping out of the water, spinning and even did the odd back flip! There was even a calf learning the ropes from the rest of the pod, he certainly looked to be enjoying himself. What an amazing sight it would be to see them preform like that in their natural environment, not coerced by a trainer!

There was also lots of flying fish about and a single lone Jellyfish (as per photo above) They are called "Snotty" and they are HUGE! They don't do alot just float along in the currents but it was an awesome sight to see!

Although the temperatures were a little chilly again this morning, the sun was shining and sea conditions were PERFECT!!

IF YOU WEREN'T ON THIS MORNINGS CRUISE...YOU MISSED OUT!! 🙂 How incredibly amazing would it have been to experience all of this in just 3 1/2 short hours!! With more beautiful weather and calm sea conditions predicted for the coming week its sure going to be a jammed pack week Whales in Paradise with most of the weekends cruises nearly full already....MAKE SURE YOU DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE AND BOOK YOUR TICKET TODAY!!