Belly Up!

Hola Amigos!

     Just had word from the skipper that this afternoon's cruise is going swimmingly! They have viewed an incredible FIVE PODS of extremely active and playful Humpbacks.  The gentle giants delighted passengers with impressive breaches where the whale actually leaps almost clear of the water and then returns with a spectacular splash.  

    The whales continued to astonish the crowd by swimming on their backs for quite some time, showing off their sumptuous bellies. Humpbacks will often swim on their sides with one flipper raised in the air like a sail or swim on their backs with both flippers exposed.  It certainly looked like they were having the time of their lives out there, enjoying the gorgeous Gold Coast day.

    Our Sunset Cruise stayed with a particularly active pod of five who then split into a group of two and three.  The outgoing couple came right up to our vessel, Mahi Mahi, swimming alongside the boat and splashing about.  What a treat!

   See you out there soon on our next adventure!