Whale Behaviour


The most aggressive behavior that whale watchers have seen on board Whales in Paradise in Gold Coast waters is known as the peduncle slap. The peduncle slap involves the whale throwing its entire rear half of its body above the surface of the water and slamming it down sideways.

Even though humpback whales are usually nicknamed as the gentle giants of the ocean, it is obvious to Gold Coast whale watchers that this is not 100% accurate. In fact, it is evident from the Whales in Paradise vessel older males carry many scars and bloody cut from their battles demonstrating that they are not all that innocent.

A friendly greeting humpback whales frequently give to whale watchers on board Whales in Paradise Gold Coast Whale Watching cruise is the pectoral fin display. Known as the signal for invitation, the pectoral fin display is to help mothers keep their calves from wandering away and also for encouraging each others efforts.

The main attraction for Brisbane and Gold Coast whale watchers cruising with Whales in Paradise is the spectacular leap called a breach.  Breaching is usually used to display the whales location, fitness, and emotional state while also allowing it to scan above the waters surface.

Sometimes whale watchers aboard Whales in Paradise Gold Coast and Brisbane whale watching cruise will experience the delightful behavior of spy hopping. This is when a whale will slowly emerge head first to expose one eye above the water as if it was spying on the Gold Coast whale watchers  this is really a case of who's watching who.