Beautiful Gold Coast Weather

Gold Coast Whale WatchingIt's been perfect weather conditions this week on the Gold Coast for whale watching.  The sun has been shining all day, we've had only a slight breeze and the waters have been calm.  With this beautiful Gold Coast weather, makes it easier for our guests to take beautiful whale photos from on board our boat.

Again we saw a mother and her calf cruising through the waters making their way back down to Antarctica.  They were also surrounded by a few pods of adult whales who were quite curious to see who we were and what we were doing.

The guests this week have also seen the whales spy hopping right next to the boat, which is when they pop their head up out of the water vertically to have a look at us.  This is where you can really feel the connection they share with us and how curious they are, which is why so often they come quite close to the boat.

It's always such a blessing to see these creatures slowly increase in numbers again do to the restrictions after the whaling stations were closed down in Tangalooma in August 1962 (  Now we get to enjoy watching these gentle giants, swim peacefully and be playful in their own environment and it's always an different amazing experience, every time we go out.