Baby Whale Calves Are Playful

blog calfWhat entertainment we received yesterday afternoon when we spotted a young calf whale being very active in the water close to the seaway entrance.  This calf was very playful and kept breaching by jumping out of the water over and over again.  It would only be a couple of weeks old as it was only about a couple of metres in length.  Every time it jumped it was also twisting it's body and it looked like it was having a lot of fun.

With whale numbers increasing due to breeding, they keep coming through these coastline waters of the Gold Coast during their season of June through to October, and we are now seeing more and more every day.  The mothers and calves are being seen more frequently now as they make their way back south to their home in Antarctica.  This means on our whale watching tours now, we get to see more calves every day too.

It's so amazing to watch these calves be so playful in the open waters, as we see how small they start out to be before they grow up to their full adult size.