Baby One-Tonne!

Baby One-Tonne! 

Love baby animals? Who doesn't?! Seriously....

Is there anything more beautiful than a newborn - of any species! Their playful eyes, trusting and tranquil.... even if that little cutie weighs a tonne!!

Yesterday we were privileged to spend a good part of the early morning cruise with a mother humpback whale and her baby - cruising south past the Gold Coast.

This humpback baby was - quite simply - one thousand kilograms of newborn-baby-gorgeousness!!  This little guy was so damned cute I wanted to squeeze his chubby - um - pectoral fins!? Lol!

Baby humpbacks are born grey. They darken as they age. So this gorgeous little guy we recognised as a baby straight away from his soft shade of grey, with standard white belly.

Curious of our boat, 'baby one-tonne' headed towards us, but his mummy turned sharply to put distance between him and the boat. As much as they are intrigued by us humans - first and foremost, this humpback was a protective mother.

It was beautiful to watch, a protective mother and her silky newborn, gliding through calm seas beneath sunshine and fresh breeze.

If you happen to be cruising with us during this second-half of the season, seeing a baby humpback with its mother will be one of the most incredible experiences of a lifetime, I guarantee it!

Baby One-Tonne!