Another Perfect Morning Whale Watching

WOW...We are having an amazing run with both Whales and sea conditions at the moment!! Make sure you don't miss out and BOOK YOU WHALE WATCHING TOUR TODAY!!

We had PERFECT sea conditions once again the temperature was a warm 25 degrees. It was absolutely gorgeous out on the water this morning.

Making our way out to the Whales we had an entertaining and energetic pod of dolphins join us. They swam alongside our boat for a long time. They were very playful...some racing the boat, other's riding the wake and bow, as well as playfully leaping out of the water.  

We found a great pod of Whales, far away from the other boat's, so we got to watch their antics in complete solitude. They were happy to entertain us, we got a display of everything....mugging, breachers, tail and head slaps, spy hops. One of the BEST displays this season! 

Another interesting encounter was the large number of Blue Blubber Jellyfish that were out and about. These have been in the news recently due to the record numbers we are seeing off the coast. Their numbers have increased tremendously over the last few years due to an absence of predators caused by over-fishing in the area. They are not dangerous nor will they sting you however they are full of sea lice so if you touch them or get them on you, you will become very itchy!