Another great day for Whale Watching

You know it has been a great day for whale watching when the crew come bursting into the office with grins from ear to ear!

Our friendly deckhand Majan was so excited after the 11:00am tour, she had lost count as to how many "muggings" occurred. Majan said the whales were coming so close to the boat that you could almost touch them! One of the children on board our 11am tour said that the eye of the whale was as big as a football, he was so excited and couldn't wait for school on Monday to tell all of his friends.

With an amazing performance on the 11:00am tour, you can just as well imagine how fantastic the 2:30pm tour was!

... A baby whale swimming alongside its mother!  Our deckhand Wez estimated by the size of the whale that it was just a newborn, maybe 24-48hours old! The most amazing part was that the mother let the baby whale swim between the boat and her, which meant our guests got some amazing photos!

With a beautiful sun set to end the day, the sky was a mixture of orange and reds, our Skipper Aaron must have been delighted!