An unusual morning on the water….

Our Skipper came into the office after this mornings cruise to state "What an unusal morning out there today"

He first the weather was was contstantly changing from showers, to clearing, we would get some really bright sunshine through the clouds and rainbows, then it would could over and rain again! He also said it was quite "foggy" out there was a low lying mist the whole cruise.

There was a group of approx 10 dolphins he said whom spotted us, swam right up to the boat as if to "check us out" then left as quick as they arrrived ?? ...more unusal behaviour...

Then the whales....We came accross 3 different pods during the morning cruise they were varying in their activity some breaching and head lunges putting on a great display while others were just cruising along gracefully swimming alongside the boat, and another who appeared to be sleeping however had its tail vertically in the air!

This is something in the 4 years of skippering for Whales in Paradise he had never seen! Upon further investigation into Whale Behaviour is described as Tail Extension it is where the whale slowly raises its tail into the air, sometimes high enough that the genital area is exposed above the surface. Often the whale holds its tail there for extended periods of time. Females have been observed to hold their tail out of the water for as long as four hours, only taking time to breathe. Although the reason for this behavior is unknown, speculation has included avoiding unwanted male attention or as a way to regulate body temperature.

All in all it was a great morning out there...allbeit an little unusal!