An Idyllic Whale Watching Cruise on the Gold Coast

Yet another fantastic day out on the water! 

Once again, the incredibly beautiful Gold Coast 'Whale Highway' did not disappoint.  We viewed a beautiful pod of FIVE GIANT HUMPBACKS, who seemed to be simply cruising along, enjoying themselves.  These Humpbacks were continuing (at their leisure) on their way up North.  We took our que from them, and just relaxed out on the water ourselves- soaking up another glorious day on the Gold Coast.

We also spotted a little gang of hyperactive dolphins! Our passengers were highly amused at their cheeky antics as the dophins keeps jumping up out of the wake at the back of the boat- they looked to be having the times of their lives back there! It was an awesome sight that simply cracked us up! Surfing Dolphins. Love it.

On our return, we cruised past Stradbroke Island. Wow- the glorious, sandy beaches of the National Park made us all want to jump overboard, swim over to those golden shores and set up camp!  The iddlyic stretches of beach look like paradise on earth over there!  What a perfect way to end a very dream-like cruise!

We can't wait to hear how this afternoon's Whale Adventure is going! 

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