Amazing Whale Activity On This Sunny Sunday!

We had the most incredible experience with ten humpback whales on this mornings cruise.
It was a rare occasion to see such a big pod of whales and then to see the pod so aggressive with each other, was very interesting to watch....We then realised there were nine male humpback whales fighting over one female humpback..Was an amazing sight to see!
Then on our next cruise we had the magnificent whale mugging "Where the whales surround the boat" and they relax by the boat for us to see their white bellies, barnacles and encounter a true up close and experience with these enormous fascinating mammals.
The weather out at sea has also been beautiful, crystal clear waters and smooth conditions
Within the next few months it is the time where we quite often see these unique experiences, whale breaching, mugging has been very common this season, especially the past month as there are tonnes of whales out in our oceans and they are very active and playful.