Amazing Humpback Whale Encounter- Only 1 Metre from our Vessel!

Good Afternoon!

The grey skies and drizzle havent stopped Whales in Paradise having another amazing Whale Watching Cruise!

This afternoon has been magical. We viewed this pods this morning, all very active and playful.  We finished our cruise with an incredible encounter with a very friendly fellow- a large humpack came ONLY 1 METRE FROM THE BOAT. The gentle giant seemed to be enjoying our company so much that he stayed with us for quite some time, giving us a lonnnnnng high five (that's a pectoral fin wave in whale terminology).

This morning a very curious gentle giant today came right up to our catamaran swimming along the side, showing off his incredible size.  Did you know the average Humpback grows to roughly 16metres long (52 feet)! 

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of viewing a whale do TWENTY-FIVE breaches in a row! Our passengers were completely thrilled by this incredible display of strength and grace- love that!

See you tomorrow for another magical day out on the water.