A Shy Guy & A Show Pony

We definitely had a mix of whale personalities on this mornings cruise!

Our first whale was the "Shy Guy"
We spotted him from afar happily playing in the distance, breaching, tail slaps and waves, so we made our way over to him, however, as we approached he suffered a bout of stage fright and stopped performing!
We stayed with him for a while as he lazily swam along, hoping he would gain some confidence, but it became obvious he didn't like performing for a crowd so we left him....and what do you know as we were leaving he breached again as if saying goodbye!

Our next pod was a spritely bunch, and they definitely enjoyed performing for a crowd!
We first spotted them from their pectoral waves, it was if they were saying "Yoohoo guys we are over here"
As we got closer they approached us, surrounded the boat whilst putting on an great display of pectoral and head slaps, ducking and diving and breaches. Passengers and crew were enjoying this impressive display when one "Show Pony" shot out of the water like a rocket 5 metres from the boat!! This drew amazed gasps from all on board... definitely an experience of a lifetime!!

We were sad to leave our spritely group however like all good things there is an ending...ours being determined by time. I think the whales were sad to see us go too, because as we departed they gave us another breach then that was the last we saw of them....maybe they are awaiting our return on this afternoon cruise?? Lets hope so!!

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